a blank page

is the start of every

great story.


The communication dream.

Currently the landscape is filled with organisations that have seen that social media exists and has  decided that they have to do something. Anything, just be on the platform to fight to try and stay relevant. This results in disjointed brands that are wasting time, money and resources on something they don’t really understand. They know they need help but don’t know whats available, and how to get it.

Our vision is to provide that bridge. Help organisations connect with potential customers and clients and share their story. Seeing organisations find their voice and connect effectively with their audience. 


Who we are.

thc-creative is a marketing agency that helps small companies and non-profits share their story with the people that need hear it. 

Throughout the years it has become apparent that in many aspects of life people cannot communicate in a way that effectively portrays their vision and what they have to say. Be it an event that had half the turnout than of that expected or repeated emails not getting replies, to not knowing when the next family get together is. Communication is a nuanced system that is very rarely used in the most effective way.

The vision for thc-creative is to help people use their voice to be heard. And for the right people to be able to hear it above the noise that is inherently in everyday life. Utilising my years of experience in content creation and the network of creative professionals I have built up I want to see people using their voice coherently to spread their story in effective, creative, unique ways.


What we do.


With years of experience in visual and audio content creation we can help you create distinctive content and campaign materials to best serve you.


Managing campaigns and your platforms can be time consuming and challenging. We can take the load off your plate managing and curating your social media platforms allowing you to do what you do best


We can step in and help you get a grasp of your communication strategy working with you to shape the way that you share your story with the wider world.


The Process.


We work with you to establish your brand. This includes an overview analysis of what’s currently happening with your communications. Helping us to see what is working well and what needs to change.


Now we know what the problem areas are, we can use our extensive tools to formulate a plan to move forward in the problem areas.


Having made the plan, we act upon it. Using the data we get along the way to focus the efforts.


We reflect with the customer on the progress that has been made in the particular areas we have focussed on.