Over 40million people trapped in slavery globally
— International Justice Mission


What’s the Situation:

Slaves are used in everything from the sex trade, to mining, to agriculture and fishing. Not only are they forced to work in harsh conditions, but also face numerous types of abuse with no way out. There are over 40million people trapped in slavery globally – and a quarter of those are children. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, which operates all over the world.

What are we doing about it?

The International Justice Mission (IJM) aims to eliminate this problem globally. They do this through a threefold model of rescuing slaves, prosecuting slave owners and then lobbying governments to enforce laws which eliminate slavery permanently.

This summer, I will be moving to one of their anti-sex trafficking offices in South-Asia as a Government Relations and Advocacy Intern. As part of this work I will be helping with research and policy development; lobbying members of government to get laws changed; and helping with capacity training for local law enforcement. I can’t wait to help implement vital changes that could help change thousands of people’s lives for the better.

How you can help:

Firstly, in order to do this internship, I need to raise around £10,000 on top of money I have already saved. This will cover the costs of living overseas for a year, for example, rent, flights, food, transport etc. I would be so grateful if you were willing to partner with me this year, and sponsor me monthly for the year. To break it down a bit, if 34 people could give £25 per month for a year, I’d be fully funded! You can either pledge to give monthly using the form below, or you can donate one off through my gofundme page. (If you're a UK taxpayer, I'll be able to set up a gift-aid account nearer the time so do fill out a pledge form for now and I'll send you the details when I have them.)

Secondly, if you don’t feel able to donate, but are the praying type, I’d love to have people committed to praying for me while I’m out there! There will be a lot of hardships to face this year, from simply being far away from home, to having to face difficult and challenging work, so there’s no way I’ll be able to do it without a lot of prayer backing me up. Again, fill out the form if you’d be happy to support me through prayer!

I’ll send monthly updates so you can know what your money and prayers are going towards and find out how I’m getting on.

Roisin Jackson

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